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Recommended Vendors and Add-Ons 

We have a lot of vendors that we love to work with! These are all companies that we know, love, and recommend to take your Olivia's Dollhouse celebration to the next level!

Invite a princess with Prestige Princess! Or add on some delicious cookies and cakes with our favorite local vendors. Need other suggestions? Let us know and we would be happy to help!

Princesses and other characters are provided by Prestige Princess.

  • You can see their entire list of characters at

  • You can add a singing princess to your party at Olivia’s or they can send one to your event!

  • All of their performers are experienced actors and are classically voice trained.

  • They all have an extensive background in either film and television, theatre, working for party companies and performing in theme parks.

  • Prestige Princess performers are dressed in beautiful high quality costumes and wigs that they have specially made for their company.

Add on a princess to your existing Lomita Olivia's Dollhouse party at a discounted rate!

  • $175.00 for 1 performer/ $150.00 for an additional performer

  • Princesses stay at our parties for 1 hour and approximately 15 minutes max (giving ample time for family photos).

  • You can add your princess during your check out process on-line when booking your party or call to add one to your party at any time given their availability.

  • Gratuity is not included in the prices for our performers.


Prices to send a princess to your location other than Olivia’s in Lomita. (Prices are discounted for Olivia’s parties)

  • 1 performer $185.00 for 60 minutes / $245.00 for 90 minutes / $295.00 for 2 hours

  • 2 performers $310.00 for 60 minutes / $395.00 for 90 minutes / $485 

  • for 2 hours

  • 3 performers $425.00 for 60 minutes / $560.00 for 90 minutes / $690.00 for 2 hours

  • A travel fee will be added if your destination is outside a 20 mile radius of Olivia’s Dollhouse in Lomita, CA

  • Client is responsible for all parking fees and/or toll roads.


Please call for reservations and payment 310-832-9333 or email when booking outside of Olivia’s Dollhouse Tea Room.

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